Encrypted Data Backup (EVault)

Data Protection for Credit Unions

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"Compliance Solved for Credit Unions"

EVault® is the data protection expert, trusted by credit unions of all sizes. Since 1997, we have delivered easy-to-use, compliant solutions that keep data secure, and immediately recoverable while controlling costs. EVault disk-to-disk backup and recovery technology, coupled with consulting and educational services, provide credit unions with complete data protection solutions throughout the entire data life cycle.

The increasing complexity of IT environments and hyper-growth of data and applications make it absolutely necessary for credit unions to rely on the highest performing backup and recovery, that is easy to administer and can integrate within the complexity of your existing and future environment. EVault also backs up your core systems and networked servers.

Your board of directors, management, and compliance officers must address the mounting compliance requirements and NCUA best practices. EVault is the leader in data protection solutions for compliance with uncompromising performance, brilliant simplicity and a comprehensive breadth of application and platform support.

That’s why hundreds of credit unions trust EVault.

Did you know that credit unions of all sizes trust EVault's leading backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions?

EVault was recently Ranked #1 in Reliability, Recovery and Ease of Use.

NCUA Regulations Addressed

Policies & Procedures

  • Documented backup and recovery plan
  • Emergency contingency planning
  • Log reports

Offsite Storage

  • Patent-pending delta-processing technology enables high performance WAN/LAN backup and recovery and optimizes storage
  • DR testing to ensure compliance

Data Availability

  • Immediate file and folder-level recovery
  • Operational assessments

Security & Privacy

  • NIST-certified
  • AES Encryption
  • End-to-End
  • SSAE 16 compliant, Tier III and IV data centers/li>


  • Policy-based automated retentions you set based on your needs
  • File level archiving

NCUA Checklist

Safeguarding member information

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Standards for developing and implementing administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of member information.

Part 748

  • Encryption of electronic member information including while in transit or in storage on networks.
  • Encryption of electronic member information or systems to which unauthorized individuals may have access.
  • Measures to protect against destruction, loss or damage of member information due to potential environmental hazards such as fire, water damage or technical failures.

EVault Professional Services

consultants help you develop a data protection strategy that meets credit union needs and compliance requirements. This information is documented and delivered in a data protection plan.

EVault Replication | One to One

provides secure bandwidth optimized data replication between your primary data storage location and an alternate disaster recovery location.

EVault’s AES encryption technology is NIST certified

Data is encrypted during backup on the client’s system before it leaves the firewall and remains encrypted during transmission and in the vault. When using EVault services, not even EVault can access your information on the EVault Vaults.

SSAE 16 Compliant

That report gives credit unions uninhibited access to important information about EVault’s control activities and processes.

EVault Managed Services

offers complete offsite backup and recovery at one of seven EVault Tier III and IV data centers.

EVault Replication | Many to One

works by allowing you to have satellite vaults at your remote locations and automatically replicating their backup data to a designated vault in your disaster recovery hot site.

Standards regarding the proper disposal of consumer information

Part 748

Regularly test the key controls, systems and procedures of the information security program.

Part 749 – Records Preservation Program and Record Retention

sets forth requirements with regard to vital records storing of duplicate vital records, and their retention, and requires that credit unions maintain a records preservation log showing what records were stored, when they were stored and who sent the records for storage. Retention requirements are dependent upon local and state regulations, however vital records must be stored every three months, within 30 days after the end of the 3-month period.

EVault Disaster Recovery Testing

by our professional services experts can help establish or test an existing plan, or provide standby servers should a disaster strike

EVault Web CentralControl and EVault Reports

enable end users to quickly and easily manage their entire storage environment and access storage information in a user friendly web-based tool accessible anytime, anywhere.

EVault Software and Managed Service

High-performing disk-to-disk backup and recovery enable user initiated backup and retention schedules. You can set it and forget it.

EVault ArcWare

allows credit unions to easily move older files lower-cost storage to free up server or primary storage space.

Talk to us today and we’ll help you identify the security solutions that are right for your credit union.