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Since 2001, Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union has trusted Btech with many of our IT security needs. In addition to their technical support, we use their patch management, vulnerability assessment, and EVault data backup services. These services have been more than satisfactory at meeting compliance regulations and providing the information we need to properly secure our network. They also worked with our staff on the implementation of our VMware Virtualization. It was a smooth and easy process thanks to their help. Btech is a great vendor and I would recommend their services to any credit union.

Ken Landis
Ken Landis CEO | Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union

Btech provides a valuable service to us that many credit unions don’t pay attention to until it’s too late. Good management dictates otherwise and that’s why Parishioners Federal Credit Union has been working with Btech since 2007. If you want a technology partner that not only provides superior products, but is also there to help whenever you need them, then I highly recommend Btech.

Mark Marderness
Mark Marderness President/CEO | Parishioners Federal Credit Union

We chose to work with Btech for their EVault data backup service. We were looking to not only ensure the security of our credit union’s data, but also partner with a company that could manage both the implementation and the support for EVault. I was amazed by how quickly Btech was able to install EVault and I couldn’t be happier with their responsive technical support. I would recommend Btech’s expertise to any credit union.

Dietmar Huesch
Dietmar Huesch CFO | First Financial Credit Union

Aerospace Federal Credit Union has worked with Btech since 2000. Btech installed the credit union’s first network and recently performed a successful network upgrade for us. We use Btech for some of our network security services and they have always met or exceeded our expectations. While no credit union can rely on only one vendor to help with everything, Btech has been a valuable partner and I would recommend them to any credit union looking for assistance with their network and network security needs.

Greg Moran
Greg Moran Vice President | IT Aerospace Federal Credit Union

Chaffey Federal Credit Union has worked with Btech for over eight years. In that time, Btech has worked closely with us to help secure our members’ information through their managed security services and consulting. Btech has also provided our credit union with technical consulting and engineer services for recent network environment upgrades, and implemented an encrypted off-site data backup service from EVault for us which helps us to meet regulatory guidelines for security of our members’ personal information. Btech is a reliable and responsive partner of ours and we would recommend their services to other credit unions that are looking for the best managed network security services.

Catherine M. Randazzo
Catherine M. Randazzo President/CEO | Chaffey Federal Credit Union

Since 1998, Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union has relied on Btech to provide high-quality network and management services. We chose to work with Btech because of their responsiveness and technical capabilities. As regulations have changed, we have used Btech for services such as patch management, intrusion detection, and off-site data backup. I would recommend Btech to any credit union looking for assistance in securing their network environment.

John Barnfather
John Barnfather Senior Vice President Information Technology | Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

We began working with Lee Bird of Btech in 1999. Since that time, the needs of Christian Community Credit Union have changed and Btech has worked hard to assist us with these changes. For example, we have asked Btech to help us with network upgrades, engineering support, technical consulting, and security services. I trust Lee Bird and Btech and would recommend them to any credit union looking for a reliable service partner.

Marji Hughes
Marji Hughes Vice President/Chief Information Officer | Christian Community Credit Union

Btech is a trusted vendor of San Pasqual Trust. We are a regulated business, and have worked with Btech to put their managed security services in place to meet the requirements of the California Department of Financial Institutions. Btech also helped enhance our network environment with the implementation of a new infrastructure with high levels of security and redundancy built into its design. They also assist in the ongoing supervision and management of our network. They have been very responsive whenever special needs or requirements have arisen. We have been most pleased with the solutions and the service they provide.

Richard S. Arnold
Richard S. Arnold President | San Pasqual Trust

USC Credit Union was looking for a solution to eliminate costly tape backups and couriering. We chose Btech and their proposed EVault solution. Btech’s expertise in integrating EVault with our existing DR hotsite was crucial to the project’s success, and their support throughout implementation has been second to none. I would highly recommend Btech to any credit union looking for an EVault offsite data backup and recovery solution.

David Schauer West
David Schauer West CIO | USC Credit Union

I first met Lee Bird in 1999. Since that meeting, the computer network needs of America’s Christian Credit Union and our members have changed. We have asked Btech for help with various projects and they have always met or exceeded our expectations. We are currently using Btech for some of our security needs and will continue to ask them for guidance and assistance with future projects.

Doug Warren
Doug Warren Vice President Information Technology | America’s Christian Credit Union